Thursday, October 18, 2007

Back in the saddle again!

It is so nice to be back on the bike!  These past few weeks have been cool, partying and relaxing and being a normal college kid, but now it's down to business.  I meant to ease into things, but my first ride on Monday was a 4000kJ, 5hr solo hammerfest!  The weather was just too nice, and I missed a turn as well.

The legs feel completely fresh--Tuesday morning I felt like I hadn't even ridden the day before--even though I am pretty out of shape.  That is a good thing, something which I have not felt since December of 2005--that is 22 months!  The most time I took off during that period was 7 days to road trip to Mexico.  Definitely not something I recommend, as my legs sure felt tired at Worlds.

I am planning on doing a lot of hours this winter, basically 24-26 endurance/tempo hours in three-week blocks, with a "rest" week of 16-18.  This schedule should hold for the next five months, with a small break after Christmas to go skiing with the pops.  If my numbers add up correctly, that is a total of around 450 hours before my first collegiate race in early March!  I will need some good music . . .

Classes are going well, just working on getting my three engineering projects off the ground (first is a collapsable coffee mug design, second is the electric car over a two-year period, and the third is a sick integrated driveshaft design for a fixie!).  Having a blast still, although my time is definitely not open like it was the previous few weeks!

Thanks for reading, I'll try to get some cool pictures of something or other posted.

P.S. check out my new shades: Oakley Frogskins

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