Monday, November 12, 2007

I know it sounds like all I do is ride my bike . . . and this post is not going to convince you otherwise!

I just got another 5MJ ride under my belt on Sunday. The weather was beautiful, and I had a nice breakfast with my younger cousin Hyland--she is a sophomore in high school at Lawrenceville which is literally 6 miles down the road from me. It was very good to see her, although I had just eaten with her and my uncle a couple weeks ago, and I am going to their place for Thanksgiving, so she hadn't grown or anything.

I am really looking forward to 7 days from now--no, not Thanksgiving, although I am looking forward to that as well . . . I am going to be flying down to Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday to meet my new teammates on the Time Factory Racing Team! Erik Saunders is the DS of this recently-upgraded UCI Continental team, and I am anxious to sit down with everyone and get to talk about our goals (both individual and team) for next season. We are going to be doing some team-building activities and the like, and then I am staying Tuesday night and flying back Wednesday morning in time for my FIRST CLASS OF THE DAY at 3PM (now you know my secret of getting in massive hours on the bike!).

I am really going to focus on stage racing next season because it makes use of my time-trialing and climbing abilities . . . I have also learned that I get stronger after a few long days of hard riding, and I am pretty smart on the bike, so I think GC riding really suits me. Here is my [ideal] schedule for next season:

Hopefully Erik has the same things in mind for me!  I will let you guys know how the team meeting goes, and hopefully they don't kick me out of school before that . . . actually, it is time to go to bed so I can get up early and be productive with me 8-pager that is due Friday . . . UGH!


Arleigh said...

welcome to charlotte

Anonymous said...

Hey - I'm Jered...we'll be teammates in 2008.

Now that I've introduced my self, holy crap, I'm downright agape at your training right now. I feel little, small, and pretty much lazy at this point. Those are some incredible kilojoule days. Seriously, wow.

If you ever want to head down to Athens, Georgia for one of your school breaks, you're always more than welcome down here - we've got some great bikin, and I'll even pick you up from the airport. Maybe.

Or there's always Winston-Salem...there's some good bikin up that way too.

k bye.

TT specialist said...

Sweet, man! I am looking forward to the Charlotte thing. I just watched Adam Myerson race today in teh Mercer Cup and I am going there again tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for the training offer--that would be very cool. I have much of January off, so I will definitely consider it--just have to find the scratch for a ticket.

See you in a couple.