Monday, December 24, 2007

Winter Formals, Christmas dinner, and getting my fingers pricked

WOW it has been a while since I last posted!  I have been to Winter Formals with Nicole (she was gracious enough to pay me back for going to her Semi-Formals--VERY fun time!  I am really lucky to have an awesome friend who I can take to stuff like this [and impress all of the dudes]).

I also went to a fancy Christmas dinner at the Institute for Advanced Study (Einstein was a prof there . . . need I saw more?).  My great aunt and great uncle (Mr. and Mrs. Jaffin) are Friends of the Institute and have been kind enough to take me to a lot of these cool galas!

Then I got my first lactate threshold test with Bob Blaisdell--he took his show on the road and came up to the Princeton Bike Room to test the Men's A TTT team.  Very good to get a baseline in like this, at this point in the year, so that we can really see how the team's form is coming along in preparation for Nationals in May.

Marc Hollander gave me an awesome interview for CyclingUpdate, and you can read Part I and Part II.  Part III will be coming soon, just go to the main website every once in a while to check (don't go there just because of my interview--it is an excellent site!).

Enough talk, now pictures!  (By the way, the bamboo photos document our second trip to the Delaware River to gather bamboo for the SICK fixed gear we are creating . . . that story to follow in mid-January!)


Ron said...

Happy new year. I enjoyed the interview. I fully agree on your point, cycling should really compliment your life. I've made many mistakes on that end, so I'm learning what I should be doing different. I think thats a big step in maturation as a cyclist.

Its cool you guys were funded to make a bamboo bike. If its complete, you should put up some pictures (without giving any trade secrets away). For a manufacturing class at school, we CNC'd a crankset out of aluminium. That was great fun.

So a future in Pro Tour? What about engineering? :)

Lou Waugaman said...

What in thee hell is that on top of your head? Is that supposed to be a hairdo?

Too much moose will make your hair fall out. Trust me. I'm a child of the 80's, I know.

When's your 1st race? Going anywhere for training camp?
Let's go to Tucson! I'll be there 3/5 - 3/15.

I was in Phoenix last week. On a group ride when they found out I was from Iowa, everyone asked if I knew Ralph.

Talk soon!