Saturday, September 20, 2008

Off to the nation's capital I go!

For the ING Direct Capital Criterium. $50,000 on the line with $10k to the winner, multiple $1k+ ING Orange savings account primes, Christian Vande Velde and a stacked Garmin squad as well as Bahati and Fast Freddy and Cando with a stacked Kelly team . . . need I go on?

85 kilometers around an INTERESTING course, right in the heart of Washington--WHO'S EXCITED?!

I'm getting ready to ride my bike with a backpack of stuff over to Doylestown, PA to hitch a ride with Jackie Simes and his pops, then we're shacked up at the swanky Hotel Harrington with swanny-support! We'll be racing our bikes tomorrow, just just sitting in, because I have a feeling that Garmin will continue to attack until it gets a couple guys in a five man break (so that they can get second place, of course!). We have excellent options for bike racing tomorrow with the ever-attacking Hamblen (who should be ripping it because 'cross season is coming up) as well as strong-man Tom Soladay.

However, we have a ringer: Adam Myerson. He is going very well (again, those 'cross guys can get MOTIVATED) and we'll try to give him a clear shot at the line on the last lap if it's all together.

Stay tuned, this should be interesting!

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