Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beautiful bamboo, joints and all!

These are two frames, one road, one track (check out the different dropouts) that are about 90% complete. The joints are yet to go through final sanding and epoxy clearcoat. We're also experimenting with different logos, as our current logo is entirely hand painted.


Sam Ritchie said...

What are those joints made of?

TT specialist said...

Bamboo fiber, of course!

sergio said...

i'm in PERU south america making my thesys about bambu (structural joints), could you tell me, teach me, how to make bambu resine ?

TT specialist said...

Hello Sergio, thanks for your interest but I've got to keep this information as a trade secret. My advice: experiment and test!

Ben said...

if you dont mind me asking:
how strong are these joints for the purpose of keeping the bike together? how well do these joints work under stress due to weight and riding conditions?

TT specialist said...

Ben, we actually do not use hemp fiber any more--it's simply not strong enough. We've had a head tube rip off with those joints. Carbon fiber is used exclusively now for Boo Bicycles, and the layup is extremely important. They are stiff and durable enough now to crash on and win professional road and cross races, I would put them up against any of the top frames in the world. They are not as light as the carbon wunderkinds, but more durable and often stiffer while preserving a buttery-smooth ride.