Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome to my blog! Mercer Cup pics below . . .

So I'd like to welcome all new readers (as well as current readers, since it's been a while since I last posted!) to my blog. I share race reports and pictures as well as what I'm doing for training. I have also begun to include whatever I think is interesting--stuff I'd normally forward to my close friends.

The other thing I plan to talk about a lot is my business, Sol Cycles. I'm still a senior at Princeton (mechanical engineering--I AM a masochist), but I graduate in LESS THAN SEVEN MONTHS and I'm moving out to the one-and-only Boulder, Colorado to race with Team Legacy Energy and build my business.

What is Sol Cycles??? Check it out here. Sol Cycles are bamboo bicycles. They are unique and beautiful, but the best part: they ride better than any other material on the market today. I've been on every type of bike imaginable, from my Dad's old Al Raleigh from the early 90s all the way to a $10k+ TIME VXRS Ulteam. Bamboo naturally dampens high-frequency vibrations (similar to the new Museeuw bike!) and thus it can be very stiff and light but also the most comfortable ride imaginable. This keeps you fresh after a long day in the saddle! I've raced on a prototype and done thousands of training miles--the difference is just incredible.

The only recent news in my life, aside from my single share of Apple plummeting $25 in the past two weeks, and the amazing landslide victory of an intelligent, articulate, reasoned black man in the presidential race, is the MERCER CUP! It's only six miles from my dorm, so I hopped on to my silver Vespa (parked in the bike rack outside my room!) and went to see some terribly pained racers slog through sticky mud at around five miles per hour. I also grabbed some great Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA!

My friend and former teammate, Adam Myerson, quite possibly the most experienced cross racer at the whole event (ok, maybe Tilford has been around a bit longer), was there fighting it out.

Toby (a.k.a. Bruce Willis) doing his thing

Jesse Anthony ripping it up in the USGP Leader's Jersey

Toby Stanton, my old team director from Hottubes back when I was a junior, was there manning the pits for Tim Johnson. I also yelled at Jesse Anthony, a former Hottubes racer just two years my senior. I'm sure he appreciated some dork in an argyle sweater drinking beer and yelling encouragement! I had a great time, and I have the racing itch BAD! If I weren't still in school I'd probably be taking a winter trip down to South America for one of their killer 7-14 day stage races!

Thanks for reading, and now that I'm on GamJams, I'm going to be posting much more frequently! However, QUALITY over QUANTITY will still apply.

And remember . . . just get on your bike and ride.

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