Sunday, February 15, 2009

8:25AM, Friday, February 13th

My dad's dad passed away of a burst aneurysm in his abdomen. He was a ripe 94 years old.

I was very close to Burt Frey, and he's the only grandpa I've ever known. He was the most wonderful, kind, gentle man I've ever known as well. The lasting memory I will always have of Burt is his approach to life: "I've always thought of myself as lucky." I try to live by that every day.

It's been a rough couple of days, with waves of emotion sweeping over me without any specific thought in my head to trigger them. I'm going to be fine, and my parents and I have had some good conversations that really helped me. It will surely take some time, but I have great memories of Burt that will be with me forever. I got to say goodbye to him on the phone, but I would have given anything in life to be there and hug him.

I'll be flying home on Friday morning to attend services and be with my parents and find closure. My friends have been very supportive, and it's really the people around me that are helping me get through this. Thank you.

I've always loved to make Burt proud, and as a life-long coach and athlete he was ecstatic about my cycling career--I am more motivated than ever to make him proud! I know he's out on some infinite football field or track stadium, coaching his old athletes and having a ball. I'm sure he's also back to cutting the grass on his riding mower!

Take care, Burt. I love you.

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Ron said...

I'm sorry to hear that. Stay strong. He's in a better place.