Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm gonna need a 58t . . .

I just clocked ~6 hours putting this baby together! I've you'll look closely, there is no rear brake cable . . . ran out! Oh well, brakes are only for slowing down.

I rode her on the trainer for about 1 minute . . . WOW!!! I can't wait for the UPenn TTT this Sunday! I'll try to get some pics and/or video.

P.S. DONATE TO MY TEAM, CICLISMO RACING!!! Any amount, even if it's just $20, is super helpful. We're going to some big races this year and I want to keep everyone updated, so sign up for our excellent email newsletter (probably bi-weekly updates on the team) and help us out with some spare coin for tubes, bar tape, and beer---er, Gatoraide.

Ian, what a stud. We got punished up the climbs by the local Silver City group on the last day of camp.

I am actually in serious pain with a horrible sunburn at this point! ;-)

I don't know about living here, but I'll definitely be down here for a lot of training in the coming years!!!

Hopefully they let me come back!

The requisite team headshot . . . mine wasn't as hilarious as some of the other guys' pics, but I'm actually pretty happy with it.


Carson said...

BMC Bikes, that is awesome Nick. Good luck with the season!! Keep the updates coming.

the TTMachine could bring another National Champ for ya!

Cam said...

that is a hot TT... making the triathlete jealous.