Sunday, April 26, 2009

Check out TwoWheelTales for Tour of the Gila and on!

I've just begun writing for I'm flying out to Albuquerque at 9AM tomorrow morning for the Tour of the Gila--it should be a blast! After that I'm heading back up to Fort Collins, CO with the Ciclismo boys and will meet up with Nick Bennette and Austin Roach (of Princeton Cycling fame) to bring it to the other collegiate cyclists at Nationals.

Point is this: I'm planning to keep diaries for each big race I do this season, and these diaries will be written on It's an excellent site where you can look through and read about the goings-on in other professional cyclists' lives.

Do not fret, I will still be writing for get on your bike and ride! This will be my personal blog, where I talk about anything I want related to what I've been doing in life, what my plans are, etc. My TwoWheelTales blog will be much more race specific. The two will obviously be interconnected!

Time to pack up, tie up some more loose ends with school, and get some sleep before THE BIG SHOW BEGINS!

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