Friday, May 1, 2009

A true tale of suffering: the Gila TT!

WOW, I haven't felt that slow on the TT bike in a long time!! The lungs are so toasted at this point that I can barely pedal the bike. It was a hot and windy ride, and the Gila TT course is infamous for destroying rhythm and forcing riders into submission. I definitely understand now!

Check out my new TwoWheelTales post for a detailed description of the race. Long story short, let's just say that the power file is going to look like a decent tempo ride! At this point I've realized that the altitude is going to make my life worse and worse throughout the race, because the legs feel very strong but the lungs are giving out earlier and earlier. Tomorrow's criterium should be very fun because I can probably go hard for short periods, and our fast-man Phil is riding really strong and is revved up to finally show his stuff in his specialty event. I know the team is going to be showing well tomorrow!

I'll be doing my best to finish the race well and help get Ben into position for the climbs on the final stage, the Gila Monster. Feeding throughout the 105 mile, three-climb stage is crucial, and I'll have my work cut out for me. I'm really excited to have a guy on the team riding so strongly and fighting it out for a top GC spot!

In other news, the Keller Center Dedication has made it's video available on the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education website! Check it out:

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