Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tyler Wren top-20 on Boo at Cross Vegas!

Straight from the lips of Tyler "Wrenegade" Wren, Jamis/Sutter Home pro on the road and Boo Bicycles factory racer in the dirt/grass/sand/barriers.

Looking over the start list for last week's Cross Vegas cyclocross season opener, I was second-guessing the intelligence of my participation. I would be starting in 40th position, on the fifth row of riders, and some of the biggest names in the cyclocross world were present. Bikes, parts and clothing for the season was trickling in literally just hours before the start, so I only had two short opportunities to ride my beautiful new Boo CX before the race.

When the gun went off, I was able to find my pedals quickly, and start sprinting towards the front of the group. I feel confident using my road positioning skills in these crazy CX starts, and I was able to tag onto the back of what was becoming the front group by the end of the prologue lap. My Boo CX was responsive when I stood up to sprint, and tracked very well over the bumpy grass course.

I yo-yo'd off the back of that front group of fifteen riders for the first third of the race. The Boo was duking it out with Tim Johnson's Cannondale and Ryan Trebon's Kona. It was where it belonged. Part of the goal of this Boo CX sponsorship this fall is to show the bike's legitimacy. For a cyclocross bike, the bamboo is actually an ideal material, with amazing power transfer during sprints or low speed grinds, stability on high-speed descents, and minimal fatigue to my lower back over the course of the entire race.

Eventually I came off that front group, but held off the chase group behind me that included Barry Wicks, and some other big CX names to finish 18th on the day. 22 spots ahead of my starting position, and proof that the Boo CX can handle the toughest international CX competition with ease.


Credit to the wonderful Lyne (aka Podium Insight) for her incredible first image, then Jonathan Devich, DMunson, and VeloDramatic for their photos, respectively.