Monday, September 17, 2007

My new room!

Check out my new single on campus--especially the sick view from the 4th floor!

I have a big test today--on the bike, not in the classroom! I am doing a 15 minute TT test on the trainer, the second of three tests leading up to Worlds. My idea is I need rest, I need some intensity to keep my levels up, and I need to know where I am in my preparation for Worlds. This kills three birds with one stone!

My first test was last Tuesday, after taking Monday off after Univest and the Gateway Cup. Now I will just play another video game with the SRM for 15 minutes and try to beat my old number! I would not recommend playing this video game very often, though--Grand Theft Auto is much more enjoyable and less taxing.


jennifer said...

Did you get your espresso machine back?! All I brought with me to WI was three bikes, two kits, one pair of pants, and my espresso machine... Never leave home without it.

TT specialist said...

YES the espresso machine is KEY! I did without this summer--never again!