Thursday, March 13, 2008

5 reasons why I love the Charlotte airport . . .

1) the wireless at the airport is FREE!

2) the people are SUPER nice and happy

3) the airport is lined with quaint, white rocking chairs in an atrium with sunlight pouring in and real trees growing inside

4) the airport has many Jamba Juices and Fresh Stands for great fruit smoothies

5) uh, THE WEATHER!!!


lilacious said...

free wifi is nice, and so our rocking chairs, but if you will recall, denver has paper airplanes hanging from the terminal ceiling.

you just can't beat that.

what're you up to?

Ron said...

i read chris worden's email on the eccc mailing list. thought it was pretty funny.

TT specialist said...

Yeah, that was a good string, eh?