Monday, March 3, 2008

Sol Cycles comes through with flying colors!

This past weekend was the first collegiate race of the season, aptly named the Rutgers Season Opener, with a short prologue and criterium Saturday and a short circuit race Sunday.  I raced on the first Sol Cycles road model, and it attracted such incredible crowds of people that I could barely warm up for my races!  We are working on a professional company logo, website, and color brochures, so that should help a lot!

The races went very well, with Princeton placing in the top 10 in every single race.  I personally had great sensations and am clearly the strongest in the field, but I have nothing past about 80% of race pace!  This is perfect because my first big TIME Pro Cycling team objective is the Tour of Virginia starting 9 weeks from today.  In the next 9 weeks I will really build up my intensity and I should be flying through May and June, when all of my first big races are (Philly week, Nature Valley, Tour of PA, Fitchburg).

As far as the bike goes, it is AMAZING!  I am so proud of it!  It is incredibly stiff and lively, almost like a steel bike ride with the snap of an aluminum bike, but it is very comfortable over rough pavement like carbon.  Bamboo is just an amazing material because nature has found a way to optimize stiffness, strength, durability, and pliability over millions of years of evolution.  The bike fits like a gem and I am very happy to ride it over the next 8 weeks of collegiate racing.


Carson said...

Hey Nick,
Good luck with your season..will you be racing in Iowa at any point? Memorial Day?

Pete Basso said...

Great job Nick! Congrats on Sol Cycles first voyage mission. Sounds like it attracted tons of attention and the orders will be rolling in soon. Keep us updated!

Ron said...


I saw your results on velocity. Damn good. This is stardom! Wait, pro-dom. Glad the bike worked for you.

Steve Fuller said...

You just got press on Velonews. Nice job Nick and company!!

TT specialist said...

Thanks, Steve! The hits have gone from around 50 average to 760 in one day!

Ron, thanks for the compliments--the bike was great.

Pete, I will definitely keep you updated! People swarmed the bike . . . I was jealous ;-)

Carson, thanks man--unfortunately I will not be back for the classic Memorial Weekend races, I am doing Sommerville with TIME Pro Cycling. Good luck in your races, though!

Eric said...


Nice work! We didn't get a chance to meet or ride when you were here at Ball last summer. Got a million questions about this project, including "who's working this project with you?" and "when can I get one?" :)

Ping me if you have time (yeah, right). I'll be easy for you to find at my work address if you care to follow up.

Eric Coppock