Sunday, August 26, 2007

I have been taking a nice rest week since the last Tuesday Night World Championships. I needed a break after a tough Tour of Kansas City and then Downers Grove and my crash.

My legs are finally feeling fresh once more, something they have not been for a while! Maybe it is because I have been doing rides like this one . . .

I better not stick with this R&R training program for TOO long, I will forget what lactic acid feels like!

I have been catching up with friends in town and hanging out with my parents for a bit, knowing I am going away to school pretty soon. I was invited to do the Univest Grand Prix by Mike Chauner, one of my good racing buddies from the Eastern Conference, with his team, PA Lightning. SO PSYCHED! That race is a huge event, with top American teams as well as many UCI Continental teams from across the pond, so it should be tough. This necessitates an early departure for school, however: Princeton does not start until September 17th, and Univest is on the 8th and 9th, so I will have some time at school before classes demand my attention.

I have been enjoying my little rest and living it up at home, looking forward to the Gateway Cup in St. Louis next weekend--HART is bringing a full team, and we are not planning on walking away without the overall title!

In the meantime, I have another TNWC to go to, and some motorpacing with my coach and main man, Donny Quixote, before I test out the rolling resistance of clincher and tubular Zipp wheels in preparation for the World Championship Time Trial in Stuttgart on September 26th! I am making sure every piece of equipment, including my legs, is dialed in!

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