Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My new friend!

This little girl was rescued by my friend, Amber--she was going to be run over by a Bobcat! My mom is not sure we can have another cat, but I think it is do-able.

Set some new high numbers on the Tuesday Night World Championships! Check it out:

That is a little hard to read, so here are the CP20 and CP30 numbers:

It was great seeing a bunch of guys I haven't seen for a while, like JJ Bailey and Tony Nicols, and I felt good to boot. My left ribs are still hurting a bit from the fall at Downers, but I think I will be flying at Worlds. The countdown has begun: 28 days from NOW!!!

HART is going to have a stacked team this weekend at the Gateway Cup in St. Louis! I am stoked.

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